When Characters Stick Around… by Kate Messner

Nerdy Book Club

Readers are never really lonely because we have so many friends living in our heads. If you’re here at the Nerdy Book Club, you already understand how this works. We have a lifetime of characters inhabiting our imaginations, telling stories while we do the dishes or drive a long, boring highway.


For me, those characters starting moving in when I was little. First came Horton and Corduroy and Wickedishrag.  Wait…you don’t know Wickedishrag? Here…




She is slightly obscure but truly wonderful – a princess who is so naughty she’s mistaken for a witch. The message, I think, was that she was supposed to change her ways and be happy to be a princess again at the end, but I loved her much better as a witch. She was everything I hoped to be. Wickedishrag and I have been pals since Halloween of 1975, I think.



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