Whistle from down town By: Gwanzy Jonah

Her matching attire attracted me so much, i wanted to see if her face is as beautiful as her attire, i walked so fast,luckily for me we entered the same bus. My eyes couldn’t wait for my body to completely enter the bus, i started staring, wow her beauty put a pause to my motion, forgetting other passengers are waiting to also enter the bus,

Her beauty was so extreme, a cute bulky eyes with a blue eye balls that suited her pointed nose and her pink lips, her cute smiles took my breath away, wow God must have been so partial in creating this girl so beautiful than other beauties,i said in my mind, while still looking at her, and is like she knew i was starring so she kept showing her charming smiles with her white as snow teeth, could this be an angel? i thought, Just to realize i have been pushed to the bus floor by angry passengers.

I shook off the embarrassment and found a sit next to her. Still thinking of how to strike a conversation with her, i heard a sound, just like a whistle but there was no whistle in the car, could this be a whistle produced by someone’s lips?

I thought to myself hearing another sound, i understood it was a whistle from miss beauty downtown,and she sheepishly turned and spoke in hausa ”yankuri fa na ci wake ne” being able to hear hausa i understood what she said, ”sorry, i ate beans that’s why, what a pity she couldnt speak english and i remember an adage that says ”not all that glitters is gold’ i just smiled and told her ”babu damuwa kowa na tosa” meaning ”No problem everybody do fart or mess as my brother’s from warri will say.

Written by Gwanzy Jonah: a poet,rapper and a dancer
Facebook: Gwanzy jonah


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