JAMB STUDENTS ONLY|I pray this will help you in Preparing for the examination::: thank me later.

JAMB 2015 Characters in The Last Days at Forcados High School.

The last days at forcados high school is the recommended text by JAMB for the 2015 examination and so I have taken time to list out all the characters in
this book and the roles they played.

Jimi Solade(son of Mr Solade)
Wole Solade(son of Mr Solade)
Risikat(Househelp of solade’s family)
Mr Kola Solade(Jimi’s Father)
Mrs Kemi Solade(Jimi’s Motther)
Uncle kazeem(Relative of Solade Family)
Uncle Sola(Relative of the Solade family)
Ansa Izaegbegbe(Jimi’s skoolmate/neighbour)
Seyi Lawal(The Head Boy at Forcados)
Mr Mallum(The principal at forcados)
Okoro(A Miserable bully at forcados)
Teacher Bade(cane)
The Rhymers(a grup of 5 boiz with lyrics)
Eze(Jimi’s competition in chemistry)
Caro(Jimi’s Girlfriend)
Mama silifat(snack seller at forcados)
Nene Ekpo(Jimi and Ansa’s friend)
Mrs Alli(a resident on balogun street)
Femi(wole and jimi’s brother)
Efua Coker(funmi’s daughter)
Funmi(Efua’s Mother)
Aunt Moni(Efua’s Aunt)
Pastor Ekpo(Nene’s Father)
Mrs Ekpo(Nene’s Mother)
Mrs Obange(Principal at St.Catherines)
Rat-Face(Wole’s friend at the bar)
Hadiza(Efua’s friend at St.Catherines)
Dodo(efua’s friend at St.Catherines)
Mr Vann(physics teacher at forcados)
Jolly Stephens(Big Boy at forcados)
Bayo(Jimi’s school mate)
Miss Agbenenovi(Corper asigned to forcados)
Mr Salami(English teacher ar forcados)
Joke(A student at Forcados)
Jide(A student at forcados)
Icheen Igbo(Jimi’s rival at the 100m race)
Mr Edet(Chemistry Teacher at forcados)
Samu(The ice cream bar owner)
Aunt Memunat(Relative of solade family)
Aunty Omotunde(Relative of Solade family)
Ada(a student at forcados)
Mrs Tanimoro(The guidance counsellor)

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS FOR CBT JAMB From Last Days at Forcados High School:

1.Why did the Principal Mr mallum allow Efua to Join the SS3 class?
Ans:Because of Her Mother’s Beneficial Support to the school and the Good Recommendation of Efua’s former school Principal.

2.Why do you think the senior Students Miscontruced the contents of Efua’s letter to Miss Agbenenovi?
Ans:Because they found Efua’s Mysterious and not to think of Girls-only school she Attended before.

3.What is the Full name of Jimi?
Ans:Akinjimi Solade

4.Why was Efua expelled from her previous school?
Ans: Efua was probably expelled because she ran away from school for some times and when she returned the principal asked her why she did so and she responded rudely. The principal then sent her going.

5. What is the name of Jimi’s senior brother that reside
outside the country?
Ans: Femi.

6. According to the book: “trouble can’t be far behind”
when Wole returned to the house means?
Ans: It means that they can’t escape problems from him as he has always been troublesome while he was around.

7. What was Mr. Solade attitude towards his sons and is it good to treat one’s children indifferently?
Ans: Mr. Solade, portrayed in the story as a man who wants brilliant future for his sons had to act that way probably in order to caution his eldest son from marrying his own future. Had Wole yielded, he would have reaped the positive influence of his dad’s measures against him.

8. What ailment killed Mrs Solade (Jimi’s mother)?
Ans: Ovarian Cancer.

9. The description of Jimi as being a Whiz Kid means?
Ans: He is highly skilled.

10.Who always Calls Jimi by his Fullname?
Ans: Mama Silifat the woman who sells puff-puff and akara outside the School premises.

11.What crime Wole committed that made his Father to long not to Forgive him?
Ans: the falsification of His father’s signature that made him made away with lots of Money.

12.At what age Nene became Born again?
Ans: At the age of Eight(8)

13.What is the name of the Boy who danced with Efua at the Mid term dinner?
Ans: Jide the smallest boy from thier class

14.On what day of the week did Mrs Solade died?
Ans: On Saturday morning.

15.What was Efua’s dream after secondary school education?
Ans: Efua’s dream is to become a doctor so she can save people’s life.

16. What do you think supported Efua’s hatred for boys?
Ans: As a result of the intimate assault on her by her stepfather when she was still living them.

17. Why did Nene Ekpo show Jimi the letter that Efua wrote to miss Novi?
Ans: Because she is probably jealous of Efua and wants to disrupt the relationship between Efua and Jimi.

18.Why did Jimi took His brother’s blame?
Ans: Because He is all he’s got (that covers everything.)

19. What is the full name of Efua’s Aunty?
Ans: Moni Alli

20:Find the meaning of the Following words according to how its been used in the passage:.
JUVENILE: someone who behaves childishly.
KLUMPS:This refer to a Nutty
Professor II: The Klumps, an America’s funniest family comedy Movie
PIPSQUEAK:1. a person considered to be insignificant, especially because they are small or young.

21) Why did other people refer to Forcados student as ‘artificial’?
ANSWER: They referred to them as being artificial because of the way their school was excessively beautified and structured.

22. “Man, this is some watch. *Must have cost a mountain*”, What figure of speech are the words in between the asterisk(*)?
ANSWER: Hyperbole – creating a strong impression by exaggerating the cost of the watch.

23. Jimi, ____, nene, and _____ attended the same primary school.
ANSWER: Ansa and Efua

That’s not all! There are many other likely examination questions from the novel.

NOTE: do not use BECAUSE to start a sentence.

wish you the best


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