Dantala Ali
Alone I am out tonight
Not to pray this time
But to talk to the moon
As it cast it bright light
Down the abyss of the earth

Then I ask the moon,
Why is your light brighter
Than all illuminators at night?
Like a drop of snow
On a host of coals

Then the moon said,
True brightness
is not what eyes can see
What you see is a reflection
Of some ones heart
He made me shine on you
At night
And during the day by my fellow Sun
He promise never to leave nor forsake you
As long as the sky
Refuses to kiss the ground
I will always shine
Though you may not see me appear some times
But I am some where
Right up there
Shining behind the clustering billows

And let my brightness remind you
That far beyond better
Your future is brighter

Alas, the moon is aloof!
But God speaking aloud.


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