Engulfed In Music!! Wilson Joel Releases Themed Photos Ahead Of Sept. 20th Birthday (@wilsonjoel)


If you have been active online this week, you couldn’t have missed the activities on Wilson Joel’s social media as the CEO of Doxology Music and award winning music producer has been oozing with testimonies!

The music magnate, as he is fondly referred to is set to celebrate his birthday on the 20th of September and has released happy-themed photos in commemoration of the day.

Wilson Joel’s photos tell the story of how things have turned out now juxtaposing with how things where – another side of the story which he has been posting on his social media accounts. Calm, relax, happy and surrounded by music are some of the words and phrases that come to mind as one view the pictures.

“Today, I remember the days when I couldn’t feed 1 square meal a day. Days when my life was a total shade of doubts, low self esteem and absolute dark clouds… The days garri, groundnuts and salt made me shout ‘Thank You Jesus!’ …Someone else might not know it but I am a BETA version of me today because I endured all those periods in my life!” Wilson Joel said.

Checkout more awesome pictures below:



Twitter: @wilsonjoel

Instagram: @musicmagnate

Facebook: Wilson Joel


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